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Both Mustafa (Biju Menon) and Vimal (Indrajith) are convicts escaped during transport from Peermade to Ernakulam. Musthafa and Vimal are chained together. Musthafa is a petty thief convicted of stealing a watch from a mall while Vimal is arrested for a murder he did not commit. Vimal asks Musthafa to help him to find the real killer whom he suspects, in exchange for 3 lakhs. They move through the forest and encounter the wild creatures. Vimal tells Musthafa his story. Vimal is rich and he falls in love with Shalini who is deaf. Once Shalini calls Vimal for help at night because somebody enters the house. Even though Vimal reaches the house, he is unable to stop shalini from falling from the terrace. Shalini dies and Vimal is framed for her murder. Only mark on the real murderer is that Shalini stabbed the real killer. Then it is revealed that it was actually Musthafa who is the real killer. Musthafa stole the watch and put into Shalini’s bag at the Shopping mall as police find him. At night Musthafa goes to take the watch from her house but Shalini sees him and thinks that he is a rapist and accidentally falls from the terrace.

Biju Menon as Mustafa
Indrajith Sukumaran as Vimal Kumar
Sshivada as Shalini
Kishor Satya as Alexander Mathew
Shammi Thilakan as Ravi
Sudhi Koppa
Balaji Sharma
Koottickal Jayachandran
Baiju V.K.
Disney James as constable D. James
Binoy Nambala as Waiter
Anjana Appukuttan as Nurse
The movie was earlier slated to be directed by Viji Thampi.[2]


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