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Artist/lyrics – YuviTheArt
Music – Lil Martin
Video – Vastvik films
Cover pics – Ajs productions

Under the right of freedom of speech and expression, we believe that some good things have been done in four years. Such as a digital nation, and relations with many countries are so good. And now, India is the largest democracy in the world. We salute to our PM for all these things.
Do you feel the pain of farmers?
Do you feel the tears of those families who lose their sons in battle or by the terrorist attack?
Can you sleep hungry?
Can you sleep every day on the road?
If someone promises you and does not complete, how do you feel?
That pain comes out of my pen. This song is not designed for any entertainment. This is the pain of farmers, the pain of poor, pain of army officers. It’s not art, it’s pain, it’s pain, it’s pain.

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