No Problem Song Lyrics From Love Birds

Singers - Apache Indian A.R.Rahman

Music - A.R.Rahman

Lyrics - Vairamuthu

Film - Love Birds

Haa Haa Haaa!!

No Problem

No Problem

No Problem

No Problem

No Problem
All The People Sitting Far Good India Just Bowl Out

No Problem Rude Boy Greeting With Respect Namaste Sasnikar Salaam Malekum & Vanakam 2 All Tamil Masses, Live & Direct Straight From”…..”
To Madras…..
U Hear???
Hoo Hoo Hoooo!!!

suno Take Back No Chat.

Piche Hoke Dekho Coming Home Free Of Talk.

Inna Madras Where We Did Make A Stop.

Wanna Kummapache With The People In My Chat.

If U See Say, No Problem.

If You Touch On Radio Say, No Problem.

Say U Know About Your History, No Problem.

Say U Big In Society, No Problem.

Everybody Come Together & Send Off

Woof Up With Me In The Same Direction.

Indian We Are Born & That We Boost Stronger.

Come From Madras Or Over England.

Sabhash We Have All The Appreciation.

Balle Balle Good Vibes From Around.

Reach To The Top In Your Profession,

When U Succeed Do It As An Indian.

If U Come From Madras Say, No Problem.

Say The Bombay Party (?) Say, No Problem.

And You From Hyderabad Say, No Problem.

Say The Ajmer (?) Party (?) Say, No Problem.

All We Are Indian & We’ll Be Proud Of It.

Go Through Your Life With An Incentive,

Work Together & Be Supportive,

Few We Future Most Constructive,

Have Not To Learn What We Have Not To Give,

Apache Indian Has The Right Motive,

Itellgo (?) Where We Tell The Massive,

Chal Bohana Ranga Be Supportive….

Be A Bipi & Your Bapa, No Problem.

Be A Chachi & Your Chacha, No Problem.

Be The Rani & The Raja, No Problem.

Be A Machi & Your Macha, No Problem.

No Problem

Remember The Teaching Of Gandhi,

Non-violence & One Unity.

Come On The Gang & Only Pass See.

Makes Me A Mark In The Society.

On The Radio & In The Movie.

Adhi Raja Annadhi Rani.

Inna Madras Or Bombay City,

Don’t Brood Hard When U Follow What I Say.

Pooche [anni Naani] Heirs Say.

If U Proud Of Your Land Say.

Say The Women Under Man Say, No Problem.

When U Set Off A Bomb Say.

Ah From The Bombay Party Say, No Problem.

Say The Madras Party Say, No Problem.

Say U In Hyderabad Say, No Problem.

And U In A Cochin Say, No Problem.

And The Say Balle Balle Say, No Problem.

And A Shabha Shaba Say, No Problem.

Oh Chak De Phatte Say, No Problem.

Wanna Kummapache Say, No Problem.

Big Respect To All The Masses Who Want To Live & Direct Outta England Your Apache Indian Link Up Across The Sea On Part Of A.R.Rahman Live, Rahman Live & Direct Outta Madras ,

U Hear?

NoProblem No Problem

hey Ulagamellaam EngaL Thamizh Paatu
ada Nilavu Saayndhaada Enna Rate
western EngaLukku ViLaiyaattu - No Problem(2)

no Problem No Problem
unnai Saelai Katta Sonna - No Problem No Problem
unnai Side Vara Sonna - No Problem No Problem
naan Shave PaNNa Vandha - No Problem No Problem
naan Vaetti Katti Alaincha - No Problem No Problem

kizhakku Ulagathai AnnaaLil
indha MaeRku UlagangaL AaNdanavae
indru Kizhakku MaeRkaaga MaaRiyadhae No Problem

oru VidhaikkuL Emmai Vaithaalum
miga Viraivil VeLiyaeRi Varuvoamae
oru VishwaroobangaL KoLvoamae No Problem

no Problem No Problem (3)
naan Unnai Vida Perusu - No Problem No Problem
naan Unnai Vida SiRusu - No Problem No Problem
naan Iravukku Pudhusu - No Problem No Problem

no Problem No Problem.............

Lyrics Posted By Manoj Prabhakaran

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